Welcome to CAS

“The Educational aims of the IB program: to develop to their fullest potential the powers of each individual to understand, to modify and to enjoy his or her environment, both inner and outer, in its physical, social, moral, aesthetic and spiritual aspects.

Alec Peterson, the first Director of the IB

What do Creativity, Activity, Service stand for?

Exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance.

Creativity could also mean to learn how to salsa to tango, create your own app or website, write poetry, or develop a plan to reduce your family’s greenhouse gas emissions. It could be to take something you are already doing to a new level, or to try something you have never done before. The list of possibilities is endless-what is important is that you are engaged in the creative thought process.

Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

This strand of CAS is to encourage you to do something physical that will benefit your wellbeing, to participate in something that you will enjoy, and hopefully, continue for the rest of your life. You might take up yoga or Pilates, or go to the gym, or learn to dance salsa, or you might choose an outdoor activity like climbing, continue with a sport you already like or try a new sport.

Collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need.

Service is meant to be a social act, working with people outside of the family and not for a profit. The aim is for you to contribute in your own way of making the world a better place and it will require some research to identify a special need in the community.

What CAS can do for you

  • your chance for personal development

  • an opportunity to learn new skills

  • a chance for taking action and making a difference to improve life conditions in different communities

  • a chance to develop your language skills

  • a chance to meet and interact with different cultures

  • a chance to work in a team to problem solve.

Creativity, Activity and Service has been described as being the heart of the IB Diploma Program. It provides Diploma students with an opportunity to develop skills and talents, as well as areas for growth, and also work to make the world a better place though active involvement in the community.