It involves clarifying ideas, building factual evidence and seeking information from various sources. Use this stage to find out what your interests and aspirations are; this will guide you towards potential CAS that you are more likely to enjoy and benefit from.


Investigating you: Questions

  1. What are your interests; hobbies?

  2. What would you like to get involved in?

  3. Are there certain attributes of the IB learner profile you would like to explore or enhance?

  4. What issues of public significance would you like to take action in addressing?

  5. What experience could you do for CAS?

  6. What would you like to learn more about or become involved in?

Investigating: Communities

  1. How can you gather information about a chosen community?

  2. What issues does the community face?

  3. How could you get involved in addressing the issue?

  4. Which organizations are involved in taking action to address the issue?

  5. Could you join others already taking steps in addressing this issue?

Investigating: Further

  1. What resources do you need?

  2. Do you need to develop any skills or knowledge before you start participating?

  3. What will your SMART goals be?

  4. Are there any costs involved? Who could you approach to support you if required?


Is a set of criteria to follow so that you can help make your goals a reality. GOALS should be:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Realistic

  • Timely

Risk Assessment

What risks might you be exposed to as part of your CAS? As a part of your investigation, you could assist your CAS coordinator by being involved in the following elements of risk assessment:

  • considering the likelihood of risk occurring

  • identifying the causes of risks

  • outlining what steps could be taken to prevent risks

  • detailing what action would be taken if risks did eventuate

  • including who to call and other emergency steps.